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Hk usp upgrades

hk usp upgrades 99 Newly Added Heckler & Koch Universal LE Modification Trigger Kit, HK USP/USP Compact/HK45/HK45 Compact (2) $139. There are several companies making quality holsters for the USP pistols, but HK’s more compact guns are far more popular in the IWB market. Jan 28, 2016 · HK USP 45 Mods So I recently picked up a USP 45, I know there's not much to be done with it, but I would like to try a couple things. USP45 12rd Extended Floorplate. The reduced slide length from the full frame USP is managed by a flat compression spring in the captive recoil spring assembly. AR-15; AR-10 . $ 85. Sight radius > 212 mm. $150. HK 45CT GBB-MAG-20 RDS- 6MM- BLACK. Shop for Heckler & Koch USP parts, accessories, and a schematic today. $64. 0 out of 5 stars 1 $94. USP9C/P2000 9mm 13RD EXT Floorplate. Trijicon HD Night Sights. In stock. Oct 23, 2019 · The overall design of the HK USP Compact is 23 years old so it’s not considered new. 0 Pitch Left Hand Thread (Price includes USPS Priority Mail & Insurance) will NOT allow functional firing. 40 S&W, . Shotguns/Assault &Title One Guns. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Hk Usp found in: Fobus H&K USP Compact/Full 9mm, . law enforcement and military users provided much of the design criteria for the USP. Shop our vast selection and save! Update on the week-long project of making the HK USPc my perfect pistol. HK 416 22LR 30 Round Factory Magazine. 25" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Black Finish, 3 Dot Sights, Safety, Decocker, 10Rd, 2 Magazines. IMHO - If it's a carry gun and you demand ultimate reliability? Always go HK OEM. 6 inches long, 5. Streamlight TLR-4G C4 LED Weapon Light with Green Laser $243. report. EDOG Range Warrior 27 Pc Gun Cleaning Kit - Compatible with Heckler & Koch HK USP Schematic (Exploded View) Mat, Range Warrior Universal . Magazine spring formed from heat treated chrome silicone wire. The HK USP-SD is the 9mm version their tactical line of USP pistols. No m. 95 $29. , Accessories & Parts, Gas Gun Parts, Magazine Lips & Followers Description. High intrinsic accuracy due to locking system hand fitted to the particular pistol plus o-ring minimizing barrel play. 45ACP pistols. 40 and . X-Grip Magazine Adapters HK USP Compact 9/40 and HK P30 Magazine Spacer Black HK. X-Grip Magazine Adapters HK USP Compact 9/40 and H. Description: Designed specifically to fit most rifles with or without threaded barrels. $4. $99. Machine Gun/SBR/SBS/AOW Class 3. We carry everything in stock from barrels, stocks, holsters, frame parts, slide parts, magazines, lasers, and night sites. $82. This is a factory Heckler & Koch parts kit and will fit USP 9mm, USP . $44. Jul 20, 2014 · Joined Jul 7, 2014. Features favored by the U. $34. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 20, 2014. . QuickView. Shop our vast selection and save! 6 7 SeCTiON 1 iNTrODUCTiON The HK USP (Universal Self-loading Pistol) is the first HK pistol designed especially for American shooters. 83 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings. MFI SOCOM Style Fake Silencer for HK USP-45 or HK 45 Tactical with the Full Length SOCOM Adapter with 16mm X 1. Sort. 75. + Package Options. 95 Sale. Click on any part number highlighted in RED to view specific details or to purchase online. 99 Sep 05, 2018 · The 460 Rowland LLC offers both the completely converted H&K USP Tactical handguns and a conversion service for the USP Tactical barrels. Add to cart. Trijicon H&K USP Compact HD Night Sight Set - HK108O/HK108Y $125. $1,495. 🔍. More Details Buy. $35. HK MP5 22LR 25 Round Magazine. Apr 06, 2021 · These are two great handguns manufactured by the premier company Heckler & Koch. Sort Products By. Sep 17, 2012 · The USP comes in a variety of sizes and calibers, with 9mm, . 45 ACP model of the USP Tactical is constructed on the USP45 frame. HK 215124S USP 9mm Luger 18rd Polymer Black . Elite Tactical Systems, Heckler & Koch VP9, 9MM Ma. Kits will not fit the following variants: Double Action Only pistols; MK23 Brownells is your source for Heckler & Koch USP Compact Parts at Brownells. It provides the features of the Mark 23, but in a smaller and lighter pistol. All accessories are designed specifically for the GSG . 0. Mounting Hardware is Included This mount fits:HK USP Tactical 9mmHK USP Tactical . 160")HK USP ExpertHK USP EliteHK VP9HK VP40HK P30HK P30LHK P30SKHK 45HK 45C Save $20 and get free shipping when you purchase a Holosun Sight with this mounting plate! Please note . 45 all represented. Fits HK® USP . This being my first USP I am not very familiar with which upgrades are most recommended. 25 in. HK USP Parts. hk usp tactical Enhanced versions of the USP, the H&K USP Tactical models are designed for users who need the features found on the HK Mark 23, but in a more compact pistol. Add to Cart. 41 inches. 40 compact V1 parts kit. 45 ACP Blued. Neoprene backing and a parts diagram protect your gun and bench. According to the company, the LEM trigger allows for faster follow-up shots (repeat shots) on target than a standard double-action-only system. Shop our vast selection and save! 800-741-0015. HK USP Accessories. 4. I'm not sure on 9mm USP mags, but 45c mags can be found if you look, but not common in every store the way you find glock mags. As anyone who has ever handled a standard Heckler & Koch USP can tell you, measuring 7. share. com. Oct 10, 2012 · HK_USP_COMPACT40 0201_phatchfinal. In terms of disassembly, the USP Compact is . 9 lbs. 90 HK Parts, Accessories, G36, UMP, HK21, HK21E, 416, 417, USP, P7, PSP, SOCOM, MK23, P9S, P2A1, RTG Parts Dec 28, 2020 · HK has some great trigger upgrades you can do though, especially the match trigger. KWA HK USP Part #18 . 00 shipping. Hey all! I am a Newbie and finally purchased my first usp 45. In Stock HK USP9 Magazine - 31 Round . Adjustable LPA micrometer rear sight recessed into the slide. The HK pistol models chosen were the HK P2000 US, HK P2000 SK Subcompact, and the USP Compact/LEM (Law Enforcement Modification). Aug 24, 2021 · Other Gun Parts HK USP, HK45 Short Reset System. Optimum grip angle. 45 and had a memorial day sale for $859 ( too bad i missed the $759 sale) with 25% gift card of my purchase. 0. HK MP5/SP5K/SP89/HK94 30 Round 9MM Magazine. Green front and rear. GO. Quick View. The following parts are specific to HK USP pistol models; USP9, USP40 & USP45. 06. Even for an uniformed police officer, carrying one all day can be very inconvenient. Rated 4. military, law enforcement agencies, and Aug 28, 2016 · The full-size USP 9mm was designed to be more of a police or military-type pistol with open carry or OWB holsters in mind. 83 out of 5. * Prices listed are estimates only and are subject to change depending on availability and current retail pricing. The Elite Force HK CO2 USP Mag Rebuild Kit comes with everything you need to restore your CO2 USP magazine back to operable condition. HK USP 45 in excellent condition. It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith. Our Short Reset System for the HK USP and HK45 replicates the short reset conversion available in our in-house custom action work. Crossbreed Supertuck for VP40, LH. . The USP Elite in detail: Barrel length > 153 mm. So I just picked up a new USP 9. HK P9S HK USP Kel-Tec KRISS Vector Makarov P64 P83 H&K USP 45 Auto (ACP) 4. $7. HK USP45C / USP45 Compact Barrel - . 40 S&W Tactical models are built on the USP 9mm/. Address: 138 E 12300 S Suite C #240, Draper, Utah 84020 HK USP. May 29, 2008 · Turbodreams. HK Specialist. USP40C/P2000 . 40 caliber frame. Uncle Mike's Kydex Holsters for HK USP Compact (all calibers) & Compact with Paddle & Belt Loop $23. The second part of having fun with a handgun is customisation of your H&K USP with the help of gun parts. Repair and replace components of your . Overall height: 5. 40 Roto Paddle Holster, Blackhawk! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster Matte Finish H&K USP Full Size Black Right Hand, ProMag Heckler & Koch (H&K) USP Full Size. Best HK VP9 Mods for Superior Performance! The USP Elite in detail: Barrel length > 153 mm. The situation is more so for the licensed civilian who carries their . ( 6 customer reviews) $ 85. Magazines. 99 $74. Brownells is your source for Heckler & Koch USP Compact Parts at Brownells. Our Low Price. The 9 mm/. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot . Butler Creek Slip-On Pistol Grips $13. This thread is archived. Despite its origins as a heavy-duty combat pistol, the USP became popular in competition and civilian shooting, with further refinements being made to produce the USP Expert and Elite pistols. HK4 32Cal Gun Magazine. At HK PARTS we pride ourselves as Heckler and Koch parts enthusiasts & experts. Muzzle Devices. 200" instead of . Reply. 90 $ 94 . This kit is specific to the HK USP and HK45 models with or without a thumb safety, including DA/SA and LEM variations. The USP Tactical version features a threaded barrel and a very high front sight so it can be used with a suppressor. For HK, the Heinie sights will only fit the HK USP model. Overall width: 1. $73. Rated 5. Takedown of the USP Tactical is slightly more complicated than your standard Glock/XDM/M&P gun, but easier than a 1911. Shell Holders. The controls are uniquely American, influenced by such famous . The result is a target pistol with universal application for most of the large bore disciplines of BDS, DSB as well as other unions. H&K USP Match Trigger Kit for full size HK USP models only. Just in case, the HK USP CO2 fixed slide pistol comes with an industry leading 60-day factory warranty for extra assurance. 45 ACPHK USP 9mmHK USP 40 S&WHK USP . $49. HK Parts, Accessories, G36, UMP, HK21, HK21E, 416, 417, USP, P7, PSP, SOCOM, MK23, P9S, P2A1, RTG Parts EFK Fire Dragon is the place to get your pistol and gun accessories. Push Pin Factory Grip Frames. Custom HK VP9 Modifications for a Lighter HK VP9 Trigger Upgrade. The Elite Force HK USP GBB Mag Rebuild Kit comes with everything you need to restore your HK USP magazine back to operable condition. 40 Heckler & Koch and Insight Technology Inc. Currently I have the JF installed and an extended magazine release is do to arrive tomorrow. HK USP9C / P2000 13RD 9MM MAGAZINE NEW, GERMAN. 7 in stock. H&K USP 45 Auto (ACP) 4. $33. Barrel length: 4. The LEM trigger is HK's version of SIG's DAK trigger, and vice versa. Price $38. I’ve now had 5 slides milled for my RMR’S and 507’s. 69976 GP-2275034. $5. 22 9mm - . Whether you need extra magazines for your 416 rifle, a long slide conversion kit for your VP9, better control of your P30 or USP with an extended finger rest magazine, or faster jet funnel mag changes with a magwell kit, you will find the HK gun parts you need to attain your performance goals. Magazine body constructed of heat treated steel with black oxide finish. My P30 and USPT45 LEMs feel about the same. Number of Products to Show. 45 ACP full size pistol. 40 S&W 12rd Magazine. Jan 05, 2021 · Usp Accessories Last Updated on Tue, 05 Jan 2021 | HK USP 9mm Caliber . Brownells is your source for Hk Usp Parts at Brownells parts and accessories. 40 13RD MAGAZINE NEW, GERMAN. UpLULA Magazine Loader by Maglula $32. The following features are added the SD model and are not found on the standard USP-9: Our Low Price. TLR 1 HL Long Gun Kit. Surprisingly, it holds up well compared to options offered today. 26 in. HK USP 9mm FULL SIZE (Upgrades Required) 9 comments. 65. $20. 44. 45 ACPThis mount does not fit:HK USP Compact (rear sight cut depth is . Orpaz Tactical Holster for HK VP9, VP40, USP Compact, P30, P2000 w Optics, owb, Magnetic Retention, Adjustable Height & widthw for Light Laser 5. 41in Black Steel Pistol - 12+1 - Originally designed for the American market, the USP (Universal Self-loading Pistol) has found international acceptance as an accurate and ultra-reliable handgun. The H&K USP . 45 is built on the more compact USP 45 frame but includes all the features of the mighty HK Mark 23. 40 S&W or . 99 Sale. after the range went to the gun store to check out if they have . 00. $135. Heckler Koch USP9 Tactical V1 9mm Pistol 81000348 / 709001TLE-A5. HK USP 40 S&W Pistol Parts Kit NOTE: Parts kits are NOT functioning firearms. Welcome to the H&K gun parts section of Midwestgunworks. 357 SIG chambered Heckler & Koch firearm with these quality OEM parts. Daily Deals. S. 00 (Save 18%) $113. Umarex Heckler & Koch Licensed HK45 Compact Tactical Airsoft GBB Pistol. German Sport Guns manufactures the highest quality accessories for your GSG-5 rifle, carbine or pistol. The HK USP 45 Tactical has been one of the most desired and well-respected suppressor hosts on the market. 45. 216169R. The world renowned H&K USP Tactical . Plus that's the factory match HS in my USPT45. HK USP-SD Upgrades. 69976 - GP-2275034 - $154. military, law enforcement agencies, and HK Slide Release Spring for all HK pistols. With well over two dozen handguns currently in production, HK corners the market with innovative products delivering reliability, accuracy, and the highest of quality. HK Parts has one of the largest selections of accessories and parts for every Heckler & Koch gun; holsters, pouches, frames, slide parts, lasers, night sites, magazines, and much much . With a full magazine, the USP Compact is very well balanced. These parts are manufactured for HK USP Compact pistol models; USP9C, USP40C, USP45C & USP357. 3 HK’s and 2 1911’s. Qty. and the double action (DA) pull to roughly 7. I plan on purchasing Trijicon Night Sights and possibly . Includes everything except receiver (receiver is saw cut in three pieces) like new, pics available. Heinie Straight 8. Designed using influences from the 1911 platform and military feedback, the HK USP 9mm for sale is a straightforward, high-performance pistol ideally suited for concealed carry, recreational shooting, military and law enforcement use. The HK USP Compact is a small frame pistol capable of firing the most powerful cartridges in 9 mm, . 00 out of 5. This gun mat will not only protect your handgun but will also protect your gun cleaning bench or work area. 31 in. More Details. View. Shop for the VP9, VP9SK, USP, P2000SK, P30SK, and more. Mags & Drums. HK pioneered this use of polymer materials in the production of handguns more than 30 years ago with the development of the VP70Z and P9S pistols. More about the USP 9mm: Caliber Overall length: 9 mm x 19 7. HK94, MP5, MP5K, SP5K Parts and Accessories, German HK, HK Contract, Surplus, Gun Parts, RTG Parts. 00 Add to cart. HK Parts has all the accessories and parts you are looking for when it comes to your firearm. Magazine has o/a length of 7. HK USP 9mm - Accessories. $41. Includes a molded grip-sleeve to fill the gap between the end of the grip-frame and the base . With a host of upgrades including match trigger and improved sights, the USP Expert offers superior performance and capacity without sacrificing the . You can find below the company’s description of the converted handgun. ProMag H&K USP 45 20 Round Magazine . In 1995, they developed the HK USP Compact, the with a few modifications they brought the 45C to market in 2007. 5 lbs. It has several features the standard USP 9 does not have. HK USP . Other Gun Parts HK P30 (with Safety) Short Reset System. Trijicon Night Sights for H&K USP - HK06 $91. 160")HK USP ExpertHK USP EliteHK VP9HK VP40HK P30HK P30LHK P30SKHK 45HK 45C *For this mount to work with the Holosun 407K and 507K, the rear pins on the mount MUST be removed by milling . Target trigger with adjustable trigger stop. And no light primer strikes. Fits all USP, USP Compact, HK45, HK45 Compact, P2000 and P2000SK models. Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing for H&K Holsters $79. Protect your HK USP from scratches, missing parts and improper re-assembly. However, it also lacks some features of its tactical big brothers. HK Slide Release Spring for all HK pistols. America’s leading pistol parts supplier. Cut from bar stock steel, these kits provide an exacting fit for easy install. Jan 10, 2016 · :for sale: HK USP . Get more for less. Select a Model 45C HK45 HK45 Compact MK23 P2000 P2000SK P30 P30L P30sk USP 40 USP 45 USP 9 USP Compact USP Compact LEM USP45 Compact VP40 VP9. 40S&W and USP . 68 in. Choice of orange or yellow front dot. 00 out of 5 Mar 07, 2014 · OEM HK USP Match Hammer Spring is between 10 & 11 lbs. The barrel design, trigger, and target-type sights allow the USP 45 Tactical to be on park with the 23 in terms of accuracy. Live Chat . HK 51001081 VP9 Optic Ready Slide Black Steel With Tall Sights & Cover For HK VP $449. 51. This H&K model weighs only 31. Sep 05, 2018 · The 460 Rowland LLC offers both the completely converted H&K USP Tactical handguns and a conversion service for the USP Tactical barrels. 40 S&W chambered Heckler & Koch firearm with these quality OEM parts. HK Small Parts. And thankfully the aftermarket handgun market is as versatile as can be. HK21, HK21E, HK23E, HK11, Parts, Accessories, Belts, HK, German, RTG Parts. 23. Sort by: Sort by: Relevance Top rated Name (ascending) Name (descending) price (ascending) price (descending) HK H&K USP 40 Small Parts Lot Trigger & Bar, Mag Catch, Safety, Hammer & Strut. AR 15 RIFLES. Get your Heckler & Koch USP LE parts and more today with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. Barrels. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 95 $19. USP Tactical pistols approach the precision found on the Mark 23 by adding an extended threaded barrel with a rubber O-ring, adjustable trigger, and adjustable target-type sights. HK USP Compact. / CUSTOM NON-RETURNABLE. Each holster listed above is able to be handmade for the H&K USP . Choke Tubes and Accessories. The USP control lever, a combination safety and decocking lever, is frame mounted and quickly accessible, unlike the slide-mounted safeties common on many semi-automatic pistols. Sent my USP Compact in . Sight radius: 6. Cheaper than an insurance policy, our rebuild kits are great to have on hand in case the unthinkable happens an. There are many companies that specialise in gun upgrades and maybe even more single gun enthusiasts that temper with their firearms to a safe extent. Featured Products. 94% Upvoted. This gun has a ton of extras including Omega laser, HK threaded barrel (original barrel included also), HK thread protector, HK match trigger with overtravel adjustment, HK "S" marked match hammer, HK match sear spring, Meprolight target adjustable suppressor height night sights and 2 12 round metal HK mags. 45 or the universal self-loading pistol utilizes a frame-mounted control lever and features a recoil reduction system similar to that of the U. Stock and Forend Parts. then. Injection molded magazine follower. HK VP9 Stainless Steel Guide Rod. The Match Trigger Kit will adjust the trigger pull on single action (SA) to about 4 lbs. Description. Please scroll down . Sale: $135. Free shipping. The HK USP CO2 Airsoft Pistol is the competitor's choice for fast, accurate CO2 action during airsoft competitions. BUY2GET1FREE: KWA HK Licensed USP Serialized Outer Barrel w/ Threaded Tip. 83 out of 5 $ 85. HK USP 9MM 15RD MAGAZINE NEW, GERMAN. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Numrich has been providing experienced service and a variety of parts, like these Heckler & Koch USP parts, to the shooting and hunting community since 1950. 99 (Save 11%) $399. $6. Pre covid you could find them from 600-700, probably a bit more now. Carrier & Related Parts. HK P9S HK USP Kel-Tec KRISS Vector Makarov P64 P83 Ruger SIG P220 226 228 229 hk usp tactical Enhanced versions of the USP, the H&K USP Tactical models are designed for users who need the features found on the HK Mark 23, but in a more compact pistol. We carry a complete line of most current production and post production Heckler & Koch firearm parts. 26 inches wide is a big pistol. $48. HK USP, HK45 Short Reset System. GSG High Mount/Low Mount. have developed a powerful accessory light that attaches to the HK USP pistol . hide. Select options. save. Midwest Gun Works Gunsmiths can offer you the knowledge and skill that your HK firearm deserves. 45 Kit & Tac Book Accessories Set. $499. Both pistols approach the precision found on the Mark 23 by adding an extended threaded barrel with a rubber O-ring, adjustable trigger, and adjustable target-type sights. 45 products. Here is a quick look at the components of the match trigger kit. Based on the full-size USP models, these handy pistols combine compact size with optimum effective shooting performance. HK4 380 Gun Magazine. Each kit comes with all the parts need for the "match" conversion for your USP model and USP variants. 214171. I had the longest debate between Sig or HK and then shot my father inlaw's USP 40 and fell inlove. 95 $39. 25 inches. Sort Trijicon Night Sights for H&K USP - HK06 $91. 330 fps provides more than enough range for pistol engagements without exceeding standard velocity limits for close-quarter battle. We have ported and standard barrels, compensators, bushings, and other parts and pistol accessories for Glock, Ruger, 1911, Springfield, Walther, FN, CZ75, HK USP, Sigma, and more. In addition to the USP standard features, the EXPERT has specific features which make it what it is: One of the world’s best target pistols . Elite Tactical Systems, Heckler & Koch VP9, 9MM Magazine, 17 Rounds, Polymer, Tr. Kits will not fit the following variants: Double Action Only pistols; MK23 6 7 SeCTiON 1 iNTrODUCTiON The HK USP (Universal Self-loading Pistol) is the first HK pistol designed especially for American shooters. I like it so far, and I would say I have "medium" sized hands, but the grip is still larger than I am used to. 22 in. HK H&K USP 40 Small Parts Lot Trigger & Bar, Mag Catch, Safety, Hammer & Strut. The . 45 ACP, 9mm, . Regular price $37. 35 inches high and 1. HECKLER & KOCH HK P9S BUFFER HOUSING BUFFER MOUNT HK P9S 9MM . 29 ounces unloaded and has a barrel length of 112 mm or 4. 99. Select a Make 1911 EAA Glock Heckler & Koch Smith & Wesson Springfield. ·. Features favored by U. $311. $244. 45 ACP, 9mm or . 357 SIG (by special order). 99 HK, USP, V1, DA/SA, Full Size, 9MM, 4. Kits will not fit the following variants: Double Action Only pistols; MK23 HK USP Parts. Mar 20, 2017 · HK USP compact: Chambered in . 89 Posts. HK Striker-Fired Action Package $299 Comprehensive action cleanup, refitting and smoothing/ polishing, cocking lever smoothing work, full feed and reliability package, gauging of safety and sear engagement values and assessment of condition; sight regulation and thorough range testing. Get the parts that you have been looking for with Numrich Gun Parts. 69976 - $154. Custom HK VP9 Accessories for Increased Performance over Factory HK VP9 Parts! Best Custom HK VP9 Parts and HK VP9 Upgrades for Competition Level Performance! American Made HK VP9 Aftermarket Parts for Improved Accuracy and Reliability. They are parts kits, sold as-is and include everything pictured. This gun also features a 16-round metal magazine that also houses the 12g CO2 gas cartridge. 45 AUTO and 9 mm, the USP compact features a narrow full-hand grip instead of the “two-finger grip” frame. The HK USP is designed for people who need the features of the HK Mark 23, but in a lighter weight. $39. I put them in my P30 and P2000 guns. 99 On sale $209. Find the highest quality upgrades for your 1911-22 . Parts for Popular Models Shop All. Streamlight TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted . HK P30, P2000 Short Reset System. 45 ACP, and . HK USP THREADED BARREL 9MM. Parts & Accessories Shop All. Compare. 08. 95. Handguns/Pistol. HK USP P2000 Parts and Accessories. Thread to fit HK USP 40 Tactical. All the while providing an overall smoother trigger with a better trigger reset. 45 ACP. USP Compacts are smaller and lighter than large frame USPs. With this target pistol, HK meets requirements of the world elite. 25. Heckler & Koch is committed to excellence on all HK Handguns Models. My HK45C Light LEM trigger gunsmith measured at 3. The parts provided – control catch, pin and spring – are designed to be installed together as a complete system. Each addition to your GSG-5 will improve its comfort, handling and shooting capabilities. Good idea to keep as a set of backup parts when out at weekend events; Don't let a leaky magazine keep you out of the action. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths. Special Ops. They are pricey though. HK USP Jet Funnel Magazine 9mm Luger 18 Rounds Alloy Matte Black HK USP Jet Funnel . It’s an easy gun to shoot and clean with a simple disassembly design of 4 major parts. hk usp upgrades